DBT for Teens and Parents

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What it is

Do you struggle with managing intense emotions or effectively communicating with your loved ones? If so, Layla’s DBT for Teens and Parents may be right for you!

As part of Layla’s DBT for Teens and Parents program, family units will work in group format with a dedicated Layla therapist to build skills and learn techniques to better navigate the ups-and-downs of daily life and improve their communication.

Throughout the 12 week/2-hours per week program, participants will join online sessions to build their knowledge in how to implement Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT-A) techniques and strategies. Skills covered in this program include mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and Walking the Middle Path.

Available to residents of Ontario.

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Program lead

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Kristen Cairney

Clinical Consultant

Upcoming dates for this group

Day Starting Time Status
Mon Oct 24 2022 6-8pm Full
Day Starting Time Status
Thurs Apr 26 2022 6-8pm EST Open

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to access the online sessions?

All sessions will be completed online through Layla’s secure video portal. Participants are encouraged to use a desktop or laptop computer, for the best user experience.  Our Layla Platform for therapy sessions can be accessed on the following devices listed here.

Planning to travel? Participants must attend virtual sessions from the province listed on their home address when they registered for group. This is because the group facilitator must be registered to practice in the province where the client is attending group sessions.

What is the difference between the 12-Week DBT Skills Group and the DBT Teens and Parents Group?

The DBT Skills Group for Teens and Parents (DBT-A) is focused on supporting adolescents whereas the 12-Week DBT Skills Group supports adults 18+. DBT-A includes the additional skill of Walking the Middle Path which is not a skillset in the 12-Week DBT Skills Group.

What if once the group starts I am having a hard time participating?

If you find you are having trouble participating, experiencing anxiety in the groups setting, or feel you aren’t getting enough from the group, please email the lead therapist to set up a phone conversation to explore this issue further and get support. Oftentimes, this is a matter of coming up with a strategy or working on coping skills, or perhaps doing some individual sessions as well.

You may cancel or withdraw with a full refund any time prior to 5 business days before the group start date. Excluding extenuating circumstances, withdrawals and refunds are not accepted after the group has commenced.

Is DBT-A an effective treatment for managing ADHD symptoms?

The skills covered in the DBT Skills Group for Teens and Adolescents (DBT-A) are relevant in supporting adolescents in managing ADHD symptoms. Improving skills in focusing on the present moment, tolerating and managing strong emotions, avoiding ineffective behaviours, and maintaining effective communications will be covered throughout the program. 

As you think about suitability for the program, consider whether the adolescent can tolerate the 2-hour duration of each group session, their ability to engage productively with other participants, as well as commitment to practicing the skills within and outside of the group. Should you have further questions please reach out to our team for assistance.

If this group is not a good fit, you may like to consider individual therapy with a Layla therapist who specializes in ADHD.

How much does the DBT Skills Group for Teens and Parents cost?

This program is offered at a total of $1140 including tax, which covers all 12 sessions / 24 hours of the program. Payment will be charged on a weekly basis in the amount of $95.00. Kristen Cairney is a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, and clients will receive a receipt with her license information that may be used for employer benefits reimbursement. We encourage you to check your health benefits to verify if you are covered for this type of provider (or let us know if we can help with that)

How does the online group format for the DBT-A group work?

There will be up to 7 family units in each group. A family unit can be comprised of one adolescent and up to two caregivers. Each family unit is encouraged to attend sessions together to reduce the amount of participant windows open during a session. 

Materials including handouts and worksheets will be provided prior to the start of each group. 

Sessions will be conducted through secure video, and participants will be asked to commit to confidentiality. Only your first name will be used with other group members, and sessions will not be recorded.

What is ​Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Adolescents (DBT-A)?

DBT is widely used to treat concerns that arise with emotion dysregulation and mental health concerns, including anxiety and mood disorders. DBT-A focuses on building better relationship dynamics between adolescents and their caregivers.

Can I contact the facilitator outside of group sessions?

The group facilitator is available to respond to non-urgent questions outside of sessions but is not accessible for emergency or crisis support. You may forward your non-urgent questions to the facilitator via email and expect an answer on group day prior to the start of group. In the event of an emergency or crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department for further assistance.

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When program is full, waitlist options are available

Registration is open on a rolling basis and each group will only remain open while spots are available or until 5 business days before the start of the group. If you would like to join the waitlist for a specific group, please email us and a coordinator will reach out to you to discuss options.

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