Return to Work Philosophy

Layla’s foundation are our 5 core values: client-centricity, dependability, proactivity, promotion of diversity, and acting as one team. These values underpin all of the work we do. On top of this foundation, our Return to Work Philosophy adds a layer of values and commitments to our clients who are dealing with injuries and illnesses and who trust in us to support their timely and sustainable recovery. 

Within this context, our mission is to support our clients through individualized and interdisciplinary care using evidence-based practice to ensure a timely, safe, and successful return to work.

We are Client-Centric

​​​Informed by the current research and evidence about RTW outcomes, we strongly believe that a timely, supported RTW benefits clients regardless of their injury or illness

We approach care from an individualized perspective and support individualized RTW solutions for our clients

We work from a strengths-based, functional approach, focusing as much as possible on the internal and external resources clients have and their abilities

We provide service to clients using evidence-based practices to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes and timely RTW

We strive for open, clear, and transparent communication to help build trust and understanding for our clients, many of whom are navigating complex situations/systems

We are Dependable

We believe that our specialized knowledge of RTW best practices helps us achieve better and more timely outcomes for our clients

We take the necessary time to understand individuals’ situations so we can support them to make meaningful change

We build links (through partnerships and referrals) between our service and other community agencies that support clients in various ways to achieve a successful RTW

We develop programming and partnerships that enable us to provide meaningful and substantial services to clients

We are Proactive

We adopt a prevention mindset and advocate for increased safety in the workplace where possible

We cultivate specialized knowledge about injury, illness, and RTW-related issues

We advocate for system improvements and efficiencies and for solutions that bridge service gaps

We support clients in ways that help them to know their rights and build their personal advocacy skills

We Promote Diversity

We understand the diverse nature of clientele experiencing work-related illness and injury and strive to make our services accessible to all 

We understand that individuals who experience various forms of marginalization may be disproportionately disadvantaged by their experiences of illness, injury, and navigating short or long-term disability 

Our therapists provide service in a culturally-sensitive, anti-discriminatory, individualized, and respectful manner

We appreciate our clients’ different backgrounds and experiences and work as allies

 We are One Team

We believe in an interdisciplinary team approach with collaborative communication around care to support recovery for injured and/or ill clients

We work with our partners to build shared, aligned goals that support clients in their RTW journey

We work with our clients, partners, and the broader community to share learnings and build a solid knowledge base to effectively support injured/ill clients in their recovery and RTW

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