Layla Care Psychotherapy for STD/LTD and RTW

Who is Layla?

Layla Care is a mental health service that facilitates personalized access to individual, couples, and group therapy.. A selection of our therapists are trained in functional and rehabilitative mental health services including supporting clients who are off work because of an injury and/or illness to get back to work. We believe this specialized training and experience supports clients to progress more quickly towards their goals and optimal mental health and functioning - and ultimately a faster Return to Work (RTW).  Our mission in the RTW space is:

To support our clients through individualized and interdisciplinary care using evidence-based practice to ensure a timely, safe, and successful return to work.

Why refer to Layla?

  • Quick access: we will connect with clients within one business day and are generally able to book clients with therapists within 2 weeks of referral.
  • RTW-focus: any therapist your clients are matched with (if you specify it’s a STD/LTD referral) will be trained in our RTW Philosophy and way of working, including working from a strengths/ability-focused mindset using evidence-based psychotherapies
  • Roster: if a client has a specific need (therapeutic, matching on experience or personal identifiers, or logistical) that your providers can’t meet, you can refer to Layla as we have a roster of diverse therapists trained in various modalities (e.g., DBT, CBT, EMDR, ACT, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Standard pricing: any RSW or RP that your client is matched with is charged at the same price for services (evaluation/evaluation report, psychotherapy sessions, case management - as defined in our pricing chart)
  • Quality assurance: Our therapists have been vetted and interviewed as well as trained in RTW-focus and our reporting expectations. They use our report template (shared below) and are accountable to Layla

How to reach us?

You can contact us through the contact form at the bottom of this page or email and you will hear back from our team within 24 business hours or less.

If you’d like to refer to a specific provider, please specify this in your email/inquiry. You will be notified when your specified provider can take on your client, and if it will be more than 2 weeks, you will be offered alternative provider options (who you ultimately refer to will be your decision).

Pricing and Treatment Length:

Service Price Description
Evaluation + Report $500 (standard report), $800 (long form) 1-2 therapy sessions, length determined by the therapist in order to collect relevant history/presenting issues. An evaluation report, sent to referring provider within 1 week of evaluation completion (sample report below).* generally 1 session for a standard report, 2 sessions in order to complete a long form report
Psychotherapy Session $150 45-50 min session with an RSW or RP
Progress and Discharge Reports $250 (standard), $400 (long form) Uses same templates as evaluation, just updated with information from the sessions post-evaluation
Communication $75 per half hour Progress phone calls (usually 30 min)

In keeping with our philosophy on providing client-centric, individualized treatment to help clients successfully and sustainably return to work, we generally request a minimum approval of 8 sessions. We feel anything less than this may leave clients in a position where they are not getting the treatment they need to see significant and lasting benefits. In certain instances, the full 8 sessions will not be needed/used (e.g., mild presentations, clients who need a very specific piece of skill-building, etc.) but it’s important for us to know the approval is there in case the sessions are needed.

Our team:

We have a network of 150 partner therapists across ON, AB, and BC plus 6 full time, in-house therapists whose profiles are below. We also have 2 supervising psychologists who oversee the clinical team.

Supervision/Leadership team:


We provide services in English and can accommodate other language requests either through multilingual staff, or by using interpreters (**interpretation services would be billed on top of normal session fees. Our current partner is Language Line and services are billed at their standard fee).


Our practitioners are all currently located in Ontario and practice virtually so they can serve clients across the province. We can also serve english-speaking clients in Quebec. We expect partner therapists in Alberta and British Columbia to start taking on referrals by September 2022 (we can train them earlier if there is a specific need).

In person/Virtual:

Our in-house providers only see clients virtually. Therapists in our wider provider network are starting to see clients in-person so you will soon be able to request in-person appointments as well.

Platform for therapy:

We currently use a white labeled version of the telehealth application called OnCall Health for our virtual therapy sessions. OnCall Health is PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Partner Testimonials

What our partners are saying

Trillium Health Partners

Layla has been a pleasure to work with. Their psychotherapists are collaborative, and great members of the extended Insight Solution's interdisciplinary team.

Sun Life Partners

I've loved working with Layla Care so far! They are a wonderful team that aspires to help their clients by ensuring they get the help they need. The staff at Layla Care are kind, empathetic, professional and always willing to answer any question you may have.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Program Participant, Toronto

The care team was amazing. The staff was fantastic and the flexibility and understanding of scheduling availability and options is amazing. Such a wonderful experience. Sad to have it come to an end.

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