Mental health support for injured workers
Specialty Programs

Layla has partnered with Trillium Health Partners’ Insight Heath Solutions, and its WSIB Specialty Programs, to provide mental health support to workers who have sustained workplace-related injury.

Layla has a dedicated team of psychologists and mental health therapists delivering services in partnership with Insight Health Solutions to help injured workers progress toward their goals. Our clinical team works collaboratively with the team at Insight Health Solutions to provide personalized psychological assessment and psychotherapy in a comfortable environment.

We understand that an injury may affect daily life in many ways. The mental health consequences of traumatic physical injuries can be burdensome and may have impacts on mood, quality of life, relationships, functioning, and physical health. This is where we come in as a partner on your journey to recovery.

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This program is available for existing clients of Insight Health Solutions
If you are an existing Specialty Programs client, or for general information about this programs please contact us at:
Phone: 647.374.4211
For Layla’s private practice therapy service (outside of this program), please contact us at:
Phone: 647.374.4210
New clients interested in private practice can register here

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