CBC & Layla interview on pandemic fatigue among young people

August 5, 2020
CBC interview with Saretta Herman, registered social worker, psychotherapist, and Layla Clinical Lead.

The pandemic has affected us each in our own way. In locations across the country, cases of COVID-19 are rising among young people and much of it has been attributed to the “pandemic fatigue” of the younger demographic.

In a recent interview with CBC registered social worker, psychotherapist and Layla Clinical Lead, Saretta Herman, discusses.

When asked about the growing concerns that young people are not taking the virus seriously, Saretta highlights how “there’s probably not that much variation between age groups in terms of how much compliance there is with the protocols.”

One significant difference is that the lives of teenagers and young people have often been more affected by the restrictions of COVID-19 protocols given the types of events (e.g., graduation) and activities (e.g., parties with bigger groups of friends) that are a bigger part of their lives than for older adults.

Saretta acknowledges that of course, there is a wide range of compliance from people of all ages across the country, but during normal times “when you think about who’s going to be going to house parties, bars clubs, that kind of thing - it’s young people.”

Saretta goes on to highlight some key mental health considerations and impacts of the lockdown, among young people specifically. One main difference for young people is that frequent peer interaction is a far more significant factor in their lives and mental wellness when compared with older adults.

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