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Layla works with therapists in private practice in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. We help complement your private practice with clients that align to your strengths and areas of clinical interest. We understand that you went into private practice perhaps seeking more independence, and we work with you to retain that control and flexibility while belonging to a new community. 

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Apply to be a Partner Therapist

Focus more on providing therapy

Unlike listing services, let Layla bring you engaged clients so you can focus on therapy and professional development. We take care of marketing, the initial guidance and screening call with the client (offered for free), book the first session, and handle ongoing billing. We also offer our clients a secure e-counselling platform as an option to reach you.

Tailored collaboration

We tailor our collaboration to suit your private practice, and you retain control over your schedule and workload. There are no monthly or referral fees. We contract you directly on a fee for service basis to support the clients that you accept from Layla.

Clients that fit your practice

We take time to understand your practice. We also take time to understand the client’s challenges, goals, therapist preferences, and logistical limitations. We appreciate both sides of the therapy equation. Better fit means increased client retention and improved therapy outcomes.

A new model and community

Be part of a new model to simplify clients’ access to therapy. We work with compassionate and competent therapists committed to achieving better outcomes for their clients. All of our therapists are experienced in their focus areas and are licensed mental health providers in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and/or Nova Scotia.

Basic requirements for consideration

  • Licensed psychotherapy provider in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia, registered in good standing as an RSW, RP, RCT (Nova Scotia only), C.Psych, or C.Psych.Assoc.
  • Masters-level (or equivalent) training in Social Work (Clinical Focus), Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy or a related field from a reputable institution.
  • Minimum of 1,000 hours of post-graduate clinical experience (community or private practice)
  • Training in evidence-based treatment approaches. This can include a combination of: CBT, DBT, EFT, ACT, EMDR, MI, attachment-focused therapy, narrative therapy, sensorimotor therapy or other evidence-based approaches.
  • Experience providing ongoing psychotherapy
  • Professional malpractice liability insurance in place
  • Comfortable using technology
  • Ability to see clients in one of the following settings: your office, online (secure platform provided by Layla), or walk-and-talk

If you are identified as a successful applicant, the Layla team will contact you by email about next steps. Here’s what you can expect in our recruitment process:

Our team will coordinate an initial video meeting (20 mins) with you to share more about Layla, and also review your application submission with you. Our interview process includes two steps: an online video-based assessment tool (30 mins), and if successful, you will be invited to a clinical video interview with our team (60 mins). Due to the sensitive nature of our work, Layla also requires successful completion of a background check facilitated electronically by Layla. If you are a therapist that also offers in-person therapy sessions, the Layla team will also request a tour of your office space, in-person or virtually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evaluate therapists to be contracted by Layla?

In our recruitment process, we evaluate candidates based on a variety of factors including clinical training, experience, ability to communicate how they would use their skills with clients, interpersonal therapy skills (using an online video-based assessment tool), and overall alignment of their practice to our needs.

How many clients can I expect to be connected to through Layla?

Our model relies on connecting clients with the right therapist for them, and we take a broad range of factors into consideration in the intake protocol. Ultimately, clients are empowered to make the choice on how to proceed. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee a specific number of new client connections as it depends on the therapist and fluctuations we see in client need by concern, setting, or geographical area. Generally speaking, we try to maintain some balance for therapists by making 1-6 new client connections per month during periods when you’re taking new clients. Note that Layla’s model works best as a way to complement your practice.

How are clients matched to therapists?

When you join Layla, you will create (and ongoingly update) your therapist profile. Clients complete a digital intake with Layla followed by an intake care with a dedicated Care Coordinator. A short list of therapists is created in the back-end, validated by the Care Coordinator based on information shared during the intake. We typically like to share up to three options with clients (subject to suitability), and they ultimately choose who to work with. Our goal is to support clients by providing them with some guidance while empowering them to retain choice.

Do I need to be accepting new clients all the time?

In short, no. Our value proposition to you centers around you retaining control over your schedule and practice. That said, if a significant period of inactive time passes without supporting any Layla clients, we will engage with you on options appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

What programming do you offer for Layla’s therapist community?

We offer a variety of ongoing programming to help therapists feel part of a community at Layla. Some examples of what we offer are monthly peer supervision, in-person social events, and regular educational live webinars.

How do you support administratively?

Layla handles billing and absorbs banking fees. We respect your time, and you are paid for all sessions you deliver (or late cancellations) regardless of Layla’s ability to collect fees.

Is Layla an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

No. Layla works directly with clients, and many of our clients use their extended health benefits to receive reimbursement for their session fee (full or partial). Layla's team takes care of invoicing and insurance matters with the client. Every now and then Layla partners with third party payers to secure funding for specialized programs such as for Vocational Mental Health and our Small Business Program (ended March 2023).

How can I find out more about your current therapist community?

We currently have over 230 therapists working with us across ON, AB, BC, and NS. To learn more about our hiring process and some characteristics of our therapist community, you can visit Our Partner Therapists page.