Press Release: Layla Launches in Alberta

November 1, 2021

“At Layla, we believe human connection plays a fundamental role in helping create hope for the future and to unlock the benefits of therapy,” said Charan Litt, Director of Layla Therapy. “We’ve seen this first-hand in matching clients to therapists and supporting them in their psychotherapy journey, both in-person and virtually. Mental healthcare is still an underserved area that can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to finding the right care, personalized to the individual. Our mission is empower Canadians to take control of their mental health, and we’re excited to scale our therapy programs nationally”  

​​"As a therapist, so many people end up asking me for therapist recommendations, whether for themselves, friends, or family members. People want and need support but they don't know how to find it. People want someone good who is experienced with what they're facing. Layla is a place people can come and feel confident that that's what they're getting. Our hope is for people to connect to the right support sooner and prevent a lot of pain for people who waited until things were at a breaking point before finally getting help" highlighted Saretta Herman, Clinical Director at Layla.



#LaylaCaresForAlberta launches in Alberta

Ontario-based mental healthcare innovator Layla Care is expanding, now offering service in Alberta


Calgary - October 28, 2021 – 58.5% of Albertans in the active labourforce are experiencing increased month over month stress related to reduced salaries, unemployment, and increased stress according to the August 2021 Canadian Mental Health Index by Lifeworks. And while recognizing the need for mental health professionals is the first step, many Canadians find themselves at a roadblock when trying to find the right therapist to work with.


Enter Layla Care, a technology driven patient-centric care service that bridges the gap between Canadians who are wanting to receive mental healthcare services and those who are providing it. Since launching in 2019, Layla has worked to simplify the search for the right therapist or mental health group, with client-centricity and personalization as its core focus. 

“As someone who has sought therapy in the hospital, community, and private settings, after battling with a long and painful recovery from life saving surgeries, I found that having choice and control over my mental health goals and to whom I share those goals with to be imperative in successfully navigating my mental health needs,” said Emily McIntyre, Community Manager at Layla Care. 

Since mental health is a deeply personal journey, Layla Care has formulated a unique ‘technology meets human touch’ approach to pairing clients with the right therapist, resulting in a collaborative and empowering experience. The client-centric process includes: 

● The unique client-therapist fit – a complimentary initial phone conversation begins the therapist matching process, with recommendations therapists based on clinical focus, logistical and interpersonal fit are provided. The patient ultimately makes the final decision with guidance.

● Credible and trustworthy roster of therapists –Layla Care partner therapist, each professional holds a Master’s degree (or equivalent) and over 1,500 hours of clinic experience. The vetting process also includes detailed interviews, case-based evaluation, and office inspection. This has resulted in a clinically and culturally diverse community of 100+ therapists across Ontario and now in Alberta in Layla’s network. 

● Tailored treatment - The therapists practice evidence-based treatments (e.g. CBT, DBT, EMDR, EFT, etc) and collaborate with the patient on the right treatment plan for them. Therapy sessions can be completed in-person (when public health guidelines permit) or via phone and video on our PHIPPA compliant platform.

● Fair & transparent pricing - Initial setup and guidance calls with the Care Coordinator are always complimentary. Therapy session fees are $150 for individual sessions with registered social workers and psychotherapists, $200 for a psychologist and $170 for couples and families. Sessions are eligible to be submitted for insurance coverage, and a range of affordable group therapy programs are available. 


“Our mission is to empower Canadians to take control of their mental health, and we’re excited to scale our therapy programs nationally,” said Charan Litt, Director at Layla Care. After building a team of over 100 diverse therapists and completing 20,000 successful therapy sessions for thousands of clients in Ontario, Layla Care is now proud to be expanding into Alberta. The goal to bridge the gap between those wanting mental care and those who provide it expands to all of Canada. 

A survey conducted by CAMH in 2020 on rural and urban Albertans found that isolation, access to mental health supports and challenges to mental health were the top concerns for individuals and their communities during COVID-19. Layla recognizes that the demand for mental healthcare in Alberta has increased, and wants to break barriers, address stigma and provide responsive solutions to address people's mental health concerns.


Layla has therapists and psychologists available to support a wide range of mental health concerns and diagnoses, now in Alberta.