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Are you looking to overcome past traumas and experience a life filled with balance, joy, and emotional well-being? At Layla, we are dedicated to helping individuals like you find healing and transformation through EMDR offered by our community of therapists.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

What is EMDR Therapy?


What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR therapy, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, is a proven treatment method designed to address the impact of traumatic experiences and other distressing life events. Based on extensive research and endorsed by trusted sources, EMDR therapy offers a balanced and effective approach to processing unresolved memories.



How Does EMDR Work?

The underlying principle of EMDR therapy is that unresolved memories can disrupt our present-day lives. These memories may not have been properly processed by our brains, particularly if they were traumatic. EMDR aims to reprocess these memories by connecting positive and life-affirming information from the present with the neural networks that hold the traumatic experiences.

During an EMDR session, your therapist guides you through a structured process. You'll briefly focus on the traumatic memory while engaging in bilateral stimulation, often through gentle eye movements. This stimulation has been shown to reduce the vividness and emotional intensity associated with traumatic memories, promoting healing and relief.

How does EMDR therapy work?
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Our Personalized Approach

At Layla, we understand that every individual's journey is unique. Our compassionate and therapists provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and heal at your own pace We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual respect. Our therapists work closely with you, listening attentively to your experiences and guiding you through the therapeutic process.

Today, Layla works with 30+ providers who are trained in EMDR

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Layla offers online, phone, in-person and walk and talk sessions across Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia & Nova Scotia. In-person and walk and talk sessions are available in select regions.

Why Layla?

Human first approach to mental health

We use a Human Focused

We focus on personal connection. We not only take into your therapeutic needs but your specific needs around language, culture, and life experiences.

Working around your schedule

We work with your schedule

Life starts at different times of the day. We get it. Let us know where, when, and how you would like to meet your therapist. We can accommodate day time, evening, weekend, and virtual options.

Simple transparent pricing

Simple, transparent pricing

We offer a set pricing of $150/ Per individual session with a RP, RCT, or RSW and $220/ Per individual session with a Psychologist (Available for AB & BC residents only).

Tailored to your insurance coverage

Understand your insurance

Covered by most benefit plans, our licensed providers are often covered by your insurance. Not sure about your coverage? Your Care Coordinator can help.

Note: Effective October 1, 2023 sessions with Registered Social Workers (RSW), Registered Psychotherapists (RP) and Registered Counselling Therapists (RCT) will increase to $165 (Individuals) and $185 (Couples).