How we work with therapists

Our goal is to allow for renewed prioritization of real, genuine client care. We're building a curated community of private practitioners in Ontario to support our clients

Who We Are
Layla empowers Canadians to take greater control of their mental health, bridging the gap between wanting care and getting it. Through a client-centered and personalized approach, we make it simpler to connect with the right therapist. As of today, we work with over 75 wonderful partner therapists in Ontario.  Our client-therapist matching process takes into consideration a client’s presenting challenges and goals, clinician skills & experience, and cultural and interpersonal fit.

The Layla team thoughtfully curates the community of therapists we work with, focusing on always finding high quality mental health care providers. We work with a diverse client base with a broad range of backgrounds, life experiences, and needs, and are looking to build an equally diverse community of therapists to support them.

We are seeking RSWs or RPs interested in working with our clients on a part time, contract basis as independent private practice providers. We typically partner with two categories of therapists: 1. Those looking to grow their private practice, and 2. Those looking to focus their practice on their clinical areas of interest. 

Basic Requirements For Consideration
- Licensed psychotherapy provider in Ontario, registered in good standing as an MSW, RP,  C.Psych, or C.Psych.Assoc.
- Masters-level (or equivalent) training in Social Work (Clinical Focus), Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy or a related field from a reputable institution.
- Minimum of 2,000 hours/2 years of post-graduate clinical experience (community or private practice)
- Training in evidence-based treatment approaches. This can include a combination of: CBT, DBT, EFT, EMDR, attachment-focused, narrative, sensorimotor, or other approaches. Use of anti-oppressive, culturally-sensitive, and/or trauma-informed frameworks.
- Professional malpractice liability insurance in place (or able to secure).
- Comfortable using technology.
- Able to take on 3-4+ new clients per month on average (this is a general target, there are no minimum obligations on either side. Actual number varies based on therapist availability, location, and practice focus).
- We have a special interest in therapists who are able to treat a range of clients including those with complex presentations.
- Preferred: Access to an appropriate office space to see clients once it is advised to do so (or plan to secure an office in the future). Note: In line with public health and college recommendations, we expect that sessions in the imminent future will be predominantly online. Layla provides clients and therapists with access to a secure platform to deliver virtual sessions. 

We appreciate your interest in Layla, and will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. We look forward to reviewing your indication of interest, and will be in touch to arrange an interview if your profile matches our current needs.

Indicate your interest here

Focus more on providing therapy

Unlike listing services, let Layla bring you engaged clients so you can focus on therapy and professional development. We take care of marketing, the initial guidance and screening call with the client (offered for free), book the first session, and handle ongoing billing. We also offer our clients a secure e-counseling platform as an option to reach you.

Clients that fit your practice

We take time to understand your practice. We also take time to understand the client’s challenges, goals, therapist preferences, and logistical limitations. We appreciate both sides of the therapy equation. Better fit means increased client retention and improved therapy outcomes.

Tailored collaboration

We tailor our collaboration to suit your private practice, and you retain control over your schedule and workload.

There are no monthly or referral fees. We contract you directly on a fee for service basis for each client that you accept from Layla.

A new model and community

Be part of a new model to simplify clients access to therapy. We work with compassionate and competent therapists committed to achieving better outcomes for their clients. All our therapists are experienced in their focus areas and are licensed mental health providers in Ontario.

Illustration showing psychotherapy or counseling client referral