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Layla User - Toronto, Ontario

I'm so happy with Layla services! Layla made finding an individual therapist and a group therapy program so easy. I was able to compare therapist profiles and ask for help from the Care Coordinators. This was my first time looking for formal therapy,  and Layla made the process way less intimidating. I recommend!!

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Dr. Sofia Nastis - Toronto, Ontario

I have experienced great feedback from my patients when it comes to linking them to Layla mental health services. The intake process is streamlined and quick, and patients get connected with a therapist easily. Patients who have connected successfully with a therapist through Layla say that they have had incredible breakthroughs when it comes to managing their mental health with the psychotherapy and supportive counselling that Layla provides.

Dr. Steve Pomedli - Toronto, Ontario

Layla’s thoughtful intake process helps patients connect with mental health practitioners who are best suited to their individual needs. As a referring physician, this gives me confidence that these patients will get the support they need to better their mental health.

Layla User - Toronto, Ontario

A very thoughtful and compassionate approach to health care and ensuring each of its users accesses services best suited to individual needs. The service is particularly helpful for "breaking the ice" when embarking on the therapy/counselling journey for the first time. Staff is kind, responsive and very professional.

Layla User - Toronto, Ontario

Intake was amazingly professional and easy. They matched me to someone who is just a great fit and we've been making more progress than I've had with other therapists. I've had to move around quite a bit due to work, and now that we're having our sessions online I look forward to having this be a long-term relationship regardless of my location.

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Dr. Nasim Bahramifarid - Ottawa, Ontario

Layla Care has been a lifesaver, literally, for so many of my patients. In a healthcare system that is sadly failing more with each day, it is such a relief to know that you can rely on the Layla Care team to efficiently and effectively match your patient with a therapist who is right for them. My practice would not be the same without them. Thank you!!

Have any questions or need help making a referral? 

Please reach out to our Community Manager if you require any assistance.

This is Emily McIntyre, Community Manager at Layla

Emily McIntryre

Community Manager
Phone: +1.647.695.5331 ext. 1017

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Why refer to Layla?

When therapy and counselling are the chosen course of treatment for your patient, it can often be hard to find the right provider for them. There are many variables: location, availability, designation and insurance coverage specifics, specialization, quality, price, online option, etc. As part of the broader healthcare community, Layla supports primary care and other healthcare providers with reliable psychotherapy referrals that take into consideration the unique needs of each patient. 

Personalized intake & guidance

After completing a brief digital intake form, patients book a time to speak with one of our Care Coordinators. During the phone consultation, we work with your patient to review their situation, current challenges, and goals for therapy while discussing provider options.

Curated provider group

Providers are contracted by Layla. Our vetting process includes credential check, in-depth interview, space inspection, and ongoing collection of client feedback.

Prioritized client preferences

We at Layla know that therapeutic alliance accounts for up to 75% of successful therapy outcomes. As such, Layla aims to fulfill client’s requests about their therapist.

Fair & transparent pricing

Matching and initial call are free. Therapy sessions are $165 for individuals (Registered Psychotherapist, Counselling Therapist or Social Worker), $220 for individuals (Psychologist) and $185 for couples counselling (Registered Psychotherapist, Counselling Therapist or Social Worker). Therapy sessions are not included in OHIP, AHS, MSP or MSI but covered by most insurance. Please read our FAQ for more information

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Our services

With a wide range of specializations and backgrounds among our community of partner therapists, Layla is proud to offer specialized patient programs.

Individual Therapy for children & adults

Individual therapy for adults and children is available to clients with a range of needs. Layla Care Coordinators work with the client to identify their specific needs and interests. Therapist matching and services thereafter are tailored to the needs and preferences of the client.

Learn more about Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy

Various methods of psychotherapy can be used to help couples:

  • Identify and address problem areas and negative patterns
  • Increase empathy and validation
  • Learn ways to improve communication and listening
  • Deepen and strengthen emotional connection
  • Grow and/or repair closeness and intimacy
  • Learn methods of collaborative decision making
  • Identify individual and shared goals and create plans and approaches
Learn more about Couples Therapy
Family Therapy

Layla Care Coordinators work closely with client families to identify a partner therapists that fits their specific needs and interests as it relates to family therapy. Family therapy  members improve communication and resolve conflicts

DBT skills training

As part of the online Emotion Regulation Skills Training program, participants work in a group format with a dedicated Layla partner therapist to gain control of their emotions and thought patterns while increasing capacity to act and communicate effectively with others.

Throughout the 12 week/2-hours per week program, participants join online sessions where they learn to implement Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) techniques and strategies including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Learn more about Emotional Regulation Skills Training (DBT)

How to refer patients

To enable a seamless patient referral experience, we’ve developed the materials and guidelines that you’ll need when referring directly from your EMR. 

Practice solutions - EMR referrals

Click below to download the Layla referral form in .cfm format to enable direct referrals from your Practice Solutions EMR.

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Download referral form
Oscar - EMR referrals

Click below to download the Layla referral form package to enable direct referrals from your Oscar EMR.

Installation instructions
Download referral package
Accuro - EMR referrals

The Layla referral form has been created within Accuro and is ready for you to start using it!

Installation instructions
Med Access - EMR referrals

The Layla referral form has been created within Med Access and is ready for you to start using it!

Installation instructions

*If you do not see your EMR listed in the above, we have also developed an easy to use PDF for printout or completion online. This PDF can also be used to create a custom form in your EMR system.

Download referral template

Free resources for you and your patients

Flyers & patient cards

To support the patient education and referral process, we’ve developed free print flyers and patient cards.Contact us to receive free print materials for in-clinic patients.

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Sleep issues handout

In this free downloadable tips sheet, our Layla experts provide helpful information, strategies and resources to combat some of the most common sleep issues.

Download handout
Relationship issues handout

In this free downloadable tips sheet, our Layla experts provide helpful information, strategies and resources to combat relationship issues at home, at work, and in everyday life.

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Stress handout

In this free downloadable tips sheet, our Layla experts provide helpful information, strategies and resources to combat common symptoms and side effects of stress.

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Customized resources

We understand that just as each patient is unique, each practice has customized care protocols.  For patient referral tools and resources that are customized to the needs of your clinic, please contact us to request a meeting.

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Mental Health First Aid Initiative

Layla is committed to enhancing mental health awareness and skills among workers in healthcare settings, particularly those in frontline roles. This initiative aims to foster an educated and empathetic approach to mental health within healthcare settings.

Pathways for patients with mental health concerns webinar

Patient referral pathways in mental health can be complex. More often than not, patients experience a long and difficult process before they find the provider that’s right for them.

Although our team of partner therapists provide tailored mental health support, Layla does not offer immediate or crisis support services. If you or someone else is in crisis and require immediate assistance, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department. For more information on available mental health support resources, visit our Mental Health Resources and Programs in Ontario page.