Mental health support for injured workers

About this Layla Program

Layla has partnered with Trillium Health Partners’ Insight Heath Solutions, and its WSIB Specialty Programs, to provide mental health support to workers who have sustained workplace-related injury.

Layla has a dedicated team of psychologists and mental health therapists delivering services in partnership with Insight Health Solutions to help injured workers progress toward their goals. Our clinical team works collaboratively with the team at Insight Health Solutions to provide personalized psychological assessment and psychotherapy in a comfortable environment.

We understand that an injury may affect daily life in many ways. The mental health consequences of traumatic physical injuries can be burdensome and may have impacts on mood, quality of life, relationships, functioning, and physical health. This is where we come in as a partner on your journey to recovery.

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Phone: 647-374-4211

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We require a minimum of 48 business hours’ notice for any appointment cancellation or rescheduling. You can cancel your session directly in your Layla account, by emailing, or by calling 647.374.4211. Please make sure to leave your full name and contact information if leaving a message via email or phone.

How do I contact my therapist or psychologist?

To contact your therapist, please get in touch with our Program Coordinator by emailing or by calling 647.374.4211 and they will pass your message on to your therapist who will get in touch with you. 

Please note we are not a crisis service. You can expect a response from your therapist within 24 business hours. 

I’m having trouble logging into my account, with my video sessions, or with some other aspect of my Layla Specialty Programs online account?

Please contact tech support at or 1-877-230-7462 for platform troubleshooting including assistance with password resets.

Do I need to pay for any part of this service?

No, this service is funded through WSIB and all services are provided to workers we serve free of charge.

How long does the assessment take?

We leave 3.5 hours for our assessments. This will include interview time with your therapist, filling out some assessments with support of our team and an interpreter if needed, a debrief with your therapist if you would like, and time for breaks.

What can I expect from my psychotherapy treatment services?

Each worker helps their therapist to create an individualized treatment plan that will use evidence-based psychotherapy treatment approaches to help them with their specific symptoms and life circumstances. The overall goal is to alleviate distress and increase functioning but specific goals are tailored to you. Your therapist will explain this plan to you in your first treatment session but it can change over time if needed. Please feel free to ask your therapist any questions you might have about it.

How can I give feedback about this service?

If you are a worker receiving assessment and/or treatment services, you will be given satisfaction surveys at various points during your work with us. We appreciate all the feedback we received through these surveys!

If you would like to give feedback at another time, or if you have a complaint, please contact our Program Coordinator by email at or by calling 647.374.4211. They can direct any complaints to the appropriate team member who can support you and hopefully resolve any issues. If your issue is in regards to our Program Coordinator, please contact

Where can I request my Records/Reports?

Workers can request records and reports through Trillium on: phone (905) 848-7181 or fax (905) 848-7677. Workers can also access it online from the main Trillium Health Partners website, patient support, health information services, release of information.