Layla offers workshops to employers and community partners. These programs are intended to foster conversation and learning about a variety of mental health tools that can be helpful for you and your team.

Mindfulness Series

Have discussions with an expert on how to increase mindfulness in and outside of work, and the relevance of mindfulness in your everyday life.

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Stress and Uncertainty heading into 2022

Find an increased sense of normalcy in reactions of uncertainty/stressors people have been facing during the pandemic, learn the impact of not having access to normal coping strategies, and receive healthy coping strategies that are available to us despite Covid-19 restrictions.

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Staying Connected During a Pandemic

Learn more about boundaries, communication skills, and making time & space for enjoyable interactions while recognizing the changes to personal and professional relationships over the last year.

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Managing Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Understand anxiety - the emotion vs. diagnosis, the physiology, the intensity of anxiety without intervention, and tools that can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety.

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 Managing New or Intense Emotions

Learn about emotion regulation, labelling and understanding emotions, emotional intelligence and applying these skills in a team environment.

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Cultivating Purpose and Meaning in Life

Discuss the importance of identifying the personal values that help us build a stronger sense of purpose and balance. Learn the importance of the ability to be mindful of strong emotions without allowing them to dictate our behaviours and how to apply these concepts to various aspects of life, both personal and professional.

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Building Resilience

Learn about resilience theory and resilience as a fluid concept, practical strategies for improving well-being and the ability to “bounce back” from adversity, and how to apply these concepts to various aspects of everyday life, both personally and professionally.

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Creating Psychological Safety Within Your Team

For leaders - receive practical tips on how to set healthy boundaries and build a stronger and healthier workplace culture.

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Mental Health For Managers

Interactive workshop focusing on supporting the leaders who lead - and providing practical tips and tools for optimal well-being and performance, both within and outside of the workplace.

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