Mental Health: Student University Coverage and Support


Layla Team

May 30, 2022

We know that student life isn’t easy and comes with many ups and downs- from the essays, study sessions, exams, part-time jobs, relationships, not to mention a pandemic. Anyone who is a student can tell you how all these factors can have an impact on their mental health. 

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A 2022 article by Forbes noted that the isolation as a result of the pandemic has made student life, an already unstable situation prior to the pandemic, even more fragile. There has been a steady increase in depression symptoms and anxiety symptoms among post-secondary students throughout the years, and students have been demanding better mental health support from their institutions in response to rising mental health concerns and on-campus resources that are struggling to keep up.


Layla Care wanted to learn more and understand how post-secondary students can be better supported on their mental health journey. A first question that came to mind is one that we often hear from our post-secondary clients:


“Does my school's health plan have coverage for mental health services? How do I understand what I am covered for?”


Students experiencing mental health problems may have short-term access to counselling and free resources provided by their college or university. But what if a student is in need of additional support, is facing long wait times to see an on-campus counsellor, or is looking for a therapist who fits your specific needs and preferences. For instance, to find a therapist who speaks a certain language, understands a specific religion or lived experience? 


Post-secondary students who are opted into their university health insurance plan do have coverage for private mental health care services and we have done the research for you. Are you a student in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia? Please visit the link below to locate your school and learn more about your mental health care coverage. If you cannot find your school or have additional questions please, connect with us and one of our Care Coordinators can support you in understanding your student insurance coverage and the steps in submitting your insurance claim. 


Mental Health Coverage for Post-Secondary Students


Layla Care wants to support further. As mentioned earlier, student’s have faced isolation and increased loneliness, depression and anxiety over the past couple of years. We want to foster student awareness and conversation around mental health to break the stigma and give students an outlet to share their story.

Throughout the pandemic, and just generally for students, it is a time of major changes in their life. We recognize that people aren't talking about their mental health often, and we wanted to create space for people to share. 


Layla Care has partnered with Open Screenplay to advance the conversation about mental health through the format of a screenwriting contest. This year, the contest titled Every student has a story is bringing awareness to the mental health of students in the post secondary environment, in hopes of giving individuals the creative space to share their journeys and inspire others.

Have you long finished post-secondary but want to reflect on your mental health during your formative years? What does it look like to be diagnosed with a mental illness while at university? How does being in school create additional challenges to your daily life and mental health? How has your school supported you or fell short to support when you were dealing with a mental health crisis?

We're hoping that when people write a screenplay, whether it's fictional or based on a true story, other people will connect with the screenplay and might see themselves in that story. There is a lot of power in storytelling. This free entry contest invites all writers - new and experienced - to write a short screenplay with cash prizes given to the top 3 winners.

You can participate for free here.

To learn more about this contest or for further support navigating student insurance coverage, you can connect with our Care Team at and we’d be more than happy to help.