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A reliable referral for psychotherapy

While therapy and counselling are often a good referral option for your patient, it can be hard to find the right provider. There are too many variables: location, availability, designation and insurance coverage specifics, specialization, quality, price, online option, etc.

Below you'll find a webinar that discusses, more broadly, patient referral pathways in mental health

Achieving goals like working through depression, bpd, ptsd, couples counselling

Personalized intake and guidance

We work with your patient to review their situation, current challenges, and your goals for therapy and discuss provider options

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Curated provider group

Providers are contracted by Layla. Our vetting process includes credential check, in-depth interview, space inspection, and ongoing collection of client feedback

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Prioritizing client preferences

We want you and your therapist to develop a bond. Layla respects a client’s requests and we will do our best to pair accordingly

Price tag

Fair & transparent pricing

Matching and initial call are free. Therapy sessions are $130, ($170 for couples starting June 1, 2020). Therapy sessions are not included in OHIP but covered by most insurance. Please read our FAQ to learn more.

Your patients (or with your help) can start the process here

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What Our Clients Say

How has Layla helped you?
Found me the right therapist
(quality of match)
Saved me time and effort
in searching for a provider
How likely are you to recommend us to someone else ?
*Based on patient feedback through mid-August 2019

“I had a terrible experience finding a therapist on my own. Layla takes the dread I had with trying to find a good fitting therapist out of the equation and has allowed me to get working with someone right away. I am very pleased with my services so far - thank you!”

Layla Client - July 2019

“Great experience, end to end! From the moment I signed up for an intake call on Layla's website to my first appointment, the whole process was a breeze. Layla's staff have been super professional and helpful, they were able to quickly recommend several therapists matching my needs, followed up to make sure the match was right and offered assistance with subsequent bookings - I couldn't be happier with their service!”

Layla Client - June 2019

“Excellent service and streamlined process - it's like having a personal assistant to take some load off your busy schedule!”

Layla Client - June 2019

“BIG FAN. Think it's a therapy match made in heaven. Layla's team was an empathetic force that made me feel truly excited to take on this chapter of my healing. Already recommended it to at least 10 people”

Layla Client - July 2019

"This is just the best service out there."  

Layla Client - September 2019

"I was super impressed. I was matched with a perfect counsellor for my needs and am really excited to work with her further."

Layla Client - November 2019

"The initiative taken by Layla is extremely commendable and helpful for people who do not know where to begin the journey to improve their mental health. The representative from Layla was extremely helpful and understanding during the 20 minute phone call. Went above and beyond to hear me out and did not make me feel rushed during the call."

Layla Client - November 2019

Webinar: Pathways for Patients with Mental Health Concerns